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A Guide to Backyard Dyeing

Have fun exploring the art of natural dyeing at home. Lara has selected Eucalyptus microcorys leaves and purple carrot to experiment with, as these produce the most unique and unexpected colours… Eucalyptus microcorys  Tallowwood is a tree Lara grew up with, but never knew the secrets it held until many years later in her textile journey. There was a huge tree with rough bark in her backyard growing up, and as kids, they had a rope-swing hanging from it, and had countless hours of fun playing high energy games with those branches. It probably fueled her imaginations in ways that she didn’t realise at the time.    Its leaves can be used as a textile dye for both block dyeing and contact...

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Team Dyeing Party

After years of working with truly amazing local passionate ethical activists and artists, all experts in their respective fields, Lara decided to invite people who have worked with her and believed in her since her beginnings – to celebrate the start of a new year and the exciting projects it holds for all.   We were a total of seven, a perfect small party. The chatting immediately kicked off once most had arrived, everyone finally putting faces behind the names so often heard before. Even Lara’s mum managed to make it – her number one supporter since the beginning.    Botanical products such as Eucalyptus, Rose, Acacia, Avocado and thier amazing properties and colours were discussed. The placing of the leaves,...

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