Slow Fashion Process

Slow Fashion, which counters the fast fashion movement, is the principal of buying and making better quality garments, while still considering the fair treatment of people, animals and the planet. Slow Fashion also rejects trends and seasons imposed by the market and a continuous renewal of the wardrobe, meaning that a slow garment in both style and design will not go “out of season".

All Lara Stone garments are crafted with wear-ability and durability in mind as part of the sustainability ethos that permeates all aspects of the brand. Each garment is treated like an art piece and we take pride in the fact that the garment can and hopefully will be worn for a very long time. 

All linens are manufactured with Oeko-Tex Certification. Jersey silks are made from peace silks. Merino wools are grown in Australia. And we are always experimenting with new sustainable fibres such as hemp and organic cotton.

We avoid synthetic fibres as we have researched that micro plastics wash off synthetic garments when in washing machines, are dispersed down drains, eventually reaching the ocean. We have no idea of the long term effects of micro plastic pollution, but would rather not risk the damage the it could cause.

At Lara Stone, these are the principle we follow, however we recognise that there are alway ways in which we can improve. Please watch this space for our progress towards more sustainable products and practices. And feel free let us know if you have information on other sustainable fibres, we would love to know more!

The Dyeing Process for the Artisanal Collection 

Being part of the Slow Fashion movement means that Lara Stone garments are dyed using non-toxic methods. Lara has been experimenting with a mixture of ancient and modern natural dyeing techniques over the last decade to extract natural colours sourced from native Australian flora and minerals.

How does this work ?

 Lara loves going out exploring the Australian bush and collects as many fresh elements she can : leaves, barks, berries, lichen, peels and pods... which she then brings back to her studio.
This is where the magic happens.
Then starts a long process of alchemical dying sessions. Colours are coaxed out from natural elements and bonded to best quality and ethical silk or wool or linen, which she then cooks up in large pots for hours before letting them air-dry. At the unwrapping stage, Lara is presented with unique patterns and bright colours. 
The fact that each piece of fabric is lined with different natural elements means that no two Lara Stone products are the same.
For solid block dying, Lara soaks the raw and uncut pieces of fabric in big pots for days, until she reaches the desired shade of colour. 
Lara spends as much as time as possible trying to discover new sources of natural dye, always experimenting with new plants, roots or fruits.