Garment Care Instructions

Turn garment inside out to preserve outer surface of the garment, gently hand or machine wash in cold water, then rinse.
If machine washing, place in a mesh bag and set machine to gentle cycle.
Use eco/low pH laundry liquid such as a wool wash or castile soap.
Always wash below 40 degrees celsius (luke warm) to prevent fabric shrinkage.
For a crumpled look, gently twist garment back on itself and then tie in a knot, Garment can be stored crumpled.
Frays will soften and become more beautiful over subsequent washes.
Wash cold or slightly warm with eco laundry liquid. You may then rinse in vinegar to restore the ph of the fabric after the detergent. Another option is to wash the silk garment with shampoo and then conditioner, as silk fabric is a protein fibre and much like hair. If you spill moisturiser or oil on the garment, fear not as the garment is usually redeemable, simply sprinkle some talcum powder over the spill, place a tissue over the talc, and iron.
Naturally Dyed
With proper care, these garments will keep their colour for many washes. However naturally dyed garments act differently to conventionally dyed garments. Acid substances such as vinegar or lemon juice, or highly alkaline substances such as bicarbonate of soda and lime may cause shifts in colour and their contact with the garment should be avoided. When wet, garments may react with metals such as iron or copper and change colour.
Naturally dyed garments may fade upon prolonged exposure to sunlight, so make sure to dry garments indoors or outdoors in the shade.
Do not bleach and do not soak naturally dyed garments.