Garment Care

We recommend that each garment be worn, shared, repaired and loved for a long time. If there is a little hole in your garment, due to years of wearing, a few stitches can make a nice feature, and add to the story of the garment. 

 General Washing 

All Lara Stone garments are made from natural fibers and have similar care instructions. Turn garment inside out to preserve outer surface of the garment, gently hand or machine wash in cold water. Use pH neutral laundry liquid such as a wool and delicates wash, you can use less than the recommended amount to preserve the softness of the fabric. Rinse in either plain water or add half a cup of white vinegar to soften the fabric, as this will neutralise the alkaline detergent residues.

Garments can be worn either crumpled or ironed, we love crumpled.

If you spill moisturiser or oil on the garment, fear not, simply sprinkle some talcum powder over the spill, place a tissue over the talc, and dry iron.

Naturally Dyed

Naturally dyed garments act differently to conventionally dyed garments. Spillage of acid substances such as vinegar or lemon juice, or alkaline substances such as bicarbonate of soda and natural deodorants may cause shifts in colour and their contact with the garment should be avoided. If any contact does occur with these substances, soak them over night in water, and gently hand wash in the morning with a gentle laundry liquid, rinse and dry in shade.

Do not bleach or dry clean these garments.