Rugged Collection

There is something very authentic about dry-land Australia, with its warm earthy hues, its boney yet triumphant ability to keep growing in the harshest of conditions. These characteristics make me feel that I am finally home.

I breath in this clean, authentic air and I dream.

I was inspired by this precious land to create the RUGGED collection. Frays and ruffles seemed appropriate representations of the ancient landforms that I have been immersed in, while journeying out west. 

Linens are intentionally wrinkled in order to imitate the textures of nature. Warm colours are dominant in this collection; most of the hues of soil and rocks are warm in the dry-land areas.

Natural dyes are used when possible throughout the collection to imbue the garments with the scents and colours of the Australian landscape, while a team of local seamstresses sews up each piece individually, keeping alive the ancient art of couture.

by Lara Stone
Designer: Lara Stone
Photographer: Alieta Belle
Creative Director: Marketing Made-to-Measure (Chloé Décobert)
Models: Yasmin Langlois / Humphrey Toweh
Gofer: Heath Stone
Hats: Mr Legbas Hats
Jewellery: Caedmon Johnson Jewellery / Collective Haus
Props: Collective Haus

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  • Denorah Glover

    Amazing colours and I love the pants.

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