Peace Silk Scarves

Peace silk, also called Ahimsa silk, is a revolutionary type of silk which was developed in the 1990s and which follows the principles of Ahimsa, meaning “not to injure” and “compassion”, a key virtue in Hinduism. Unlike conventional silk, where the cocoon as a whole is boiled, therefore killing the worm, the Ahimsa process consists of leaving the silk worm to evolve and hatch. 

At Lara Stone we believe in having as little impact on the environment as possible, and the use of Ahimsa silk was therefore an obvious addition to the Artisanal collection.

For the occasion, Lara decided to create a little piece of art for you to wear every day, through all seasons. A perfect way of contributing to make this world a better place, while spicing up your everyday life.

Here is a small “tutorial” as to how best wear the Lara Stone Peace Silk Infinity Scarves: 


The Conventional Single Loop

Quickly loop the scarf over your head to brighten up any outfit, any time of the year.



The Conventional Double Loop

Double loop the scarf to get a snugger effect, perfect to highlight a décolleté. Start collecting the Peace Scarves and stack them to get an even more colourful effect.



The Knot

Tie a quick easy knot to transform your Peace scarf into a classy collar, perfect for a more formal occasion.




Peace Silk scarves also have a certain amount of elasticity to them which enables to wear them easily as hair accessories.

The Bun Decorator

Tied several times around a big bun, this will accessorise beautifully a simple yet elegant hairdo.



The Scrunchie

Used as a basic hair-tie, the small amount of elasticity enables the Peace Scarf to hold even on the thinnest and straightest hair!



The Headband

A simple double loop and the scarf turns into a beautiful headband, perfect to keep the hair flowing but out of your face.




Lara Stone's scarves are all also perfect to accessorise a handbag which needs a second life!



Tag #larastonethelabel if you have your own ideas and ways of wearing the Infinity Peace Silk Scarf!

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By Chloé Décobert

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