About us

Lara Stone the Label was created in 2016 on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and is made up of a very small team of women all passionate about ethical fashion and wanting to make a difference in the over-polluting and mass-producing fashion industry.

The label is directly inspired by Australian botany and landforms, all garments are made out of ethically sourced fibres, and those from the artisanal collections are dyed in the Lara Stone open-aired studio with 100% natural dyes in order to reduce the impact that fashion has on the environment. These she obtains by going on adventures in the Australian bush and collecting native Australian flora from which plant dyes and pigments are sourced. She also uses natural pigments from traditional dye suppliers when a specific colour can't be found in her immediate surroundings. 
Lara hopes that wearing her garments may help people feel appreciation for the natural environment. Some of her dresses have already traveled the world, including Germany, America, England, France, Italy, Japan and Argentina. 

Meet the Team

  • Designer and Natural Dyer - Lara Stone : Lara is the founder, manager and designer of the eponymous label. Lara's interest for natural dying was piqued when in 2008 she came across the book "Eco Colour" by India Flint, one of Australia's most renowned contemporary natural dyers. She then started experimenting with elements from her immediate environment, and discovered all the amazing colours nature can produce, without the creation of destructive byproducts that go back into the waterways. Over the last ten years, Lara has perfected her techniques, creating stunning one-of-a-kind garments, as well as managing natural dying workshops at various locations across the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She hopes that through her work she will help spread the word about the amazing benefits of natural dyes and make a change in the fashion world as it is known today.

  •  Seamstress - Lindsay Crisp: Fashion has always been part of Lindsay's life, as she began sewing in South Africa as a young child and has over time turned into an extremely sought out seamstress with an amazing eye for detail. Lindsey underwent a three year fashion course in South Africa and worked in several factories including that of the international fashion label Jacqui E. Her skills range from pattern making to sales, embroidery to design... Lindsay then moved to Australia where she is now dedicated to the local hand production of clothing, as well as teaching sewing courses at TAFE. She truly believes in the usefulness, beauty and quality of ethical fashion.


  •  Pattern Maker and Cutter - Pam Conde: Pam is a self-taught and accomplished pattern maker who originally donated time to amateur theatre companies to gain more experience in creating clothing. In 1970 she set up the first wardrobe department for The Dance Company NSW (now Sydney Dance), creating costumes for 2 programmes for the opening of the Sydney Opera House. Pamela then moved back to Queensland in 1974 to set up and supervise the first wardrobe department for The Queensland ballet and over the 20 years with them created over 1000 costumes with a staff of 5 or 6 as well as designing the costumes for several productions.


  • Photographer - Alieta Belle : Alieta studied Visual Arts at University and spent many years working the the field of digital media and videography. She loves collaborating with Lara Stone to capture artistic images for the label. Alieta teaches visual and media arts at school. She also enjoys experimenting with natural dyes and eco-prints, particularly concentrating on up-cycling garments.



  •  Media, Business, Promotion - Chloe Decobert : After undergoing a Master's degree in Marketing, Business and Languages, Chloe went on to work several years in fashion in London and Paris. Starting off as an intern at UK fashion label L.K. Bennett, she then went on working with young designers from around the world during Paris Fashion Weeks. She truly believes Australia can be a centre for ethical fashion and now acts as an independent marketing and fashion consultant for young businesses (Marketing Made-to-Measure).