From the Australian Bush to Paris Fashion Week

I created Lara Stone the label in 2016 on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Having grown up in the Australian bush, and experimented with fabric, leaves, mud and natural elements from a very young age, it seemed natural to turn my passion into a career.
Starting with the highest quality, most beautiful natural materials that I can find, I design garments and create collections that are inspired by the Australian environment. The colours, textures and finishes are a reference to nature, and its amazingly ancient, weathered forms. My cuts are often influenced by historical garments, harkening back to a time when things were made to last.

Once designed, each garment is hand-cut in my studio and hand-sewn by local seamstresses, keeping skills alive in Australia. Each garment is made to the highest possible standards, to be loved for as long as possible. There is a limit to the quantity of garments that can be produced in this way, which is in line with my sustainability ethos of quality over quantity. 

In October 2018, my brand was spotted by British Vogue and I was asked to feature in the Designers Profile section of their February, March and April issues – a huge honour for a small local designer. This was nevertheless a significant cost, and local grant support does not consider fashion suitable for government arts grants. 

As the next step, we plan to present my collections in a Parisian showroom in September 2019, showcasing these handmade Australian garments to international buyers, hoping to bring more light to slow fashion, ethical brands, natural dyeing and of course, Australian fashion.

To reach this level I need funds, and you guys are my last hope. My goal is to raise $10 000 AUD, which would enable me to pay off the Vogue project and to fly the collections over to Paris. Any support whatsoever would be more than appreciated.
I thank you all in advance for taking the time to believe in my small ethical fashion brand, this is a life long dream which is coming to its final stages, and which, thanks to YOU, may come true…

Yours Sincerely, 

Lara Stone.

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